Why is unmetered server VN more and more popular?

October 9, 2017

Often times, server VN ends up being the ideal option for gamers and website owners whose bandwidth requirements can be unpredictable.

By choosing unmetered hosting server, you can save lots of money and enjoy a number of additional benefits in the process.

  1. Greater overall performance

And when you do not have to be mindful of your bandwidth usage, you can optimize the functionality of your blog, e-commerce site, gaming server, or any other platform for which you are using your unmetered server. Set up and use any applications you need to ensure smooth performance, or add as many gamers as you would like to your game. You do not have to worry about performance suffering because of your bandwidth.

  1. Better flexibility and freedom

Firstly, when you select unmetered server in Vietnam, you never have to worry about using too much bandwidth or being charged overages for using more than your monthly allotment. This means you have the flexibility to use as much bandwidth as you need in whichever capacity best suits you needs. For instance, if you are operating an e-commerce business, you do not need to worry about cutting back on the apps you use or the amount of files you host simply because of concerns about bandwidth.
Server Vietnam

  1. Save money in the long run

When you use more bandwidth/data transfer than you have paid for through many websites, unfortunately, you will end up paying hefty overages and facing other penalties. Fortunately, that is not something we believe in at VinaHost, which is why we offer unmetered server and allow even our traditional dedicated server customers to up or down-grade their bandwidth/data transfer needs whenever they want. This is an ideal solution to avoid additional charges whilst still getting the service you want.

When it comes to dedicated Vietnam server, you have seemingly endless options to consider. From selecting how much bandwidth you need to deciding on the storage type that is suited for you, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made when selecting your ideal hosting plan. Fortunately, with VinaHost, we are always here to assist you in making the right choices and we allow our customers to fully customize their web hosting needs all the time. In addition to full customization, we are also proud to offer unmetered dedicated server services, which provide web hosting with no limitations on your monthly data transfer usage.