What’s best for your small business: Cloud or dedicated server VN?

December 20, 2017

There are some things that need to be considered between cloud and dedicated server VN: scalability, cost, resilience and security.

  1. Cost

Most cloud vendors will give you the option of paying by the hour or month according to the resources that you use. And, it is more cost-saving than dedicated server, where you will be forced to estimate the capacity you will need and then invest in a server that can meet this demand. However, some vendors may be able to give you a better deal on a long term dedicated server lease than on a cloud server.

  1. Security

In some industries, the use of a single-tenant environment may be deemed necessary from a security and compliance perspective. This means choosing a dedicated server rather than cloud server – though if this applies to you, it is worth keeping in mind that any server is only as safe as the data center it lives in.

Thinking of using the cloud Vietnam server but various questions about vendors, security and data sovereignty on your mind? Use our following guide to help you navigate the cloud – it is full of expert on helping you opt for the best hosting for your business.

server vn

  1. Scalability

If you are a small business, you will likely want the hosting solution that gives you the most flexibility and freedom. As your business grows, so will your demand for and capacity and resources. In this case, cloud server would be your better option as it allows you to quickly scale up or down your infrastructure with very little notice.

Comparison to cloud server, dedicated server is less scalable because you are tied down to physical rather than virtual machine and likely, longer term contract commitments. If you need more storage space or computing power, then your need either to buy another and double your spend or upgrade your server.

On the other hand, with cloud, it is simple and convenient to add virtual resources as and when you need them. If you need it, you can look beyond an individual cloud server and operate an entire DC in the cloud for maximum efficiency and flexibility: divvy up your resources between as many servers as you see fit to meet your changing requests.

  1. Backup and restore capability

One of the basic differences between dedicated and cloud server in Vietnam is that of the reliance on one piece of hardware versus the comparative safety of sharing the risk among many. If you opt for the dedicated server route, a large degree of your uptime is dependent upon a single server.

This is something that can be mitigated against in the dedicated server world – some vendors may provide you with “hot spare” hardware to migrate to in the event of failure, or you may opt for double your costs and share the risk between 2 servers.

However, this concept of a single point failure is decreased markedly for those who opt for the cloud computing, for the fact that your virtual environment can draw upon resources from a wider pool of underlying hardware.