What to consider before using a dedicated server in Vietnam

September 21, 2017

Here we are trying highlights some imperative points that must be considered whilst going to purchase a dedicated server in Vietnam.

  1. Hardware

Ensure that the brand is a reputed on as performance and reliability heavily depend on the make. You can rely on branded parts for performance and for longer life span. Server programs like Apache or MySQL heavily depend on processor speeds and server memory for performance. The two widely used types of storage are SAS and SATA. SAS offers more I/O virtualization capacity, SATA drives, on the other hand, delivers bigger and more cost-efficient storage capacity.

  1. Choice of OS

We have plenty of options today if it comes to choose the operating system. But, Linux and Windows are those OSs widely used across the world. Whilst Linux operating system is ideal for open source stack for instance – Apache/PHP/MySQL or Ruby On Rails. On the other hand, Windows is considered adequate mostly for hosting Microsoft based ASP.Net code, MS SQL Server or the use of Microsoft IIS.

  1. Data center

Data center plays the most vital role towards the uninterrupted running of your server hosting Vietnam. Data centers are categorized in four different tiers depending on their level of services they offer. Standard Tier III – IV are considered to be ideal for business of all types as they provide best redundancy levels and network/server uptime. Besides, the location of the DC does matter. You need to check the location does not fall in a high seismic zone.

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  1. Price

Though the price is not a constraint for established and large enterprises, it does matter for most businesses. Depending on the quality and specifications of the servers, their price can vary. The takeaway point is that there’re many servers ranging from low to high pricing, but pick one that best meets your business demands rather than buying unnecessarily expensive and sophisticated server.

  1. Premium bandwidth

Dedicated servers are typically used for mission critical operations, sophisticated and high traffic websites and apps, thenceforth require the huge amount of bandwidth to perform to meet your expectations.

  1. Security

Since you are the owner of the dedicated server, you will have root level access and can maintain optimal security. Besides, the vendor uses stringent security measures to ensure the safety of the data stored on the dedicated server. The service providers often deploy advanced anti-virus software to protect data being hacked, leaked or corrupted.

  1. Option to upgrade

To enhance performance, data transfer and storage needs of a client, most of the leading private server VN providers allow clients to switch to their hosting plans seamlessly. This process costs you much lesser than that of switching the service provider.

  1. Support

What if your service provider is not responding in the unfortunate event of technical glitches? Won’t it be the toughest moment for your business? A good client support ensures that they’re always available for whatever the issues may be. The support team of the hosting with whom you are going to enter into an agreement is of utmost importance. Members of the support team have to be highly professional, skilled and responsive to help the clients instantly if something goes wrong.