What is not allowed in the unlimited Vietnam servers plan?

December 19, 2016

Many Vietnam servers providers offer bandwidth claiming that it’s unlimited but at the end of the month you may end up paying huge some.

Unlimited Bandwidth

To all above issues there is only one resolution of using unlimited bandwidth. It’s enable you to scale the bandwidth as per the need. But it’s equally important to understand how much bandwidth constitutes to the unlimited option.

A lot of hosting providers provide bandwidth claiming that it’s unlimited but at the end of the month you may end up paying much cost. For example, you may have chosen unlimited plan but actually it only offer using first 5GB for free. So, it’s important for you to read carefully the terms and conditions of a hosting plan. This can save you paying up the additional hidden cost.


What is not allowed in the unlimited plan?

The followings are not allowed in the unlimited plan:

  • Website that diverts the traffic to another website.
  • Content that you cannot distribute.
  • Sharing your account details with general public.
  • File archive/ sharing/ mirroring websites.

In some cases, unmetered bandwidth is the best option because you can use as much bandwidth as you need at a fixed price. This is least risky on the part of the buyer.

Most of the hosting providers thrive on the basic bandwidth need of the sites that will sparingly use bandwidth of not more than some GB. For the site owners there are many options to choose from unless you have exclusive demand of extra bandwidth.

Scaling the bandwidth

The bandwidth required for the sites does not exceed the limit of 9-10GB monthly in case you are using media files in moderation. An average site will be requiring 8GB monthly bandwidth and keeping it as a threshold you are choosing a plan that serves you with the needed bandwidth.

For example, in a particular month your site has got huge traffic that resulted in increase in the bandwidth, the question arises whether you should change your hosting plan. The obvious answer in this case is no. In order for your site not getting choked up you can keep some buffer while choosing the hosting plan. The buffers help you scale the bandwidths whenever the demand arises.

Please take a look at the followings that can influence the bandwidth of your site directly.

  • Growth in the Traffic: There is a thing of good fortune behind increased traffic. Consider this as one of the most important factors that can affect the bandwidth.
  • Changes in the Layout: Changes in the layout can either increase the size of the website, increasing the bandwidth or decrease the same. Choose layout changes which affect your bandwidth minimally.
  • Traffic Points: Quickly and suddenly increase in traffic can be a result in doubled bandwidth usage.

Adding More: Increasing more pages on your site shall certainly increase the page view that can cause in the bandwidth surge. Having many domains can also result in increased bandwidth.