What do you prefer: Vietnam cloud servers or dedicated server? (part 1)

April 24, 2017

In today’s IT world, the choice of Vietnam cloud servers vs. dedicated server has become an eternal topic of discussion.

There’re literally thousands of forums, discussion boards and blogs on the Internet that are discussing this in lengths and most of them being one-sided.


Cloud server

This’s maybe the next big thing in the hosting world, it’s comparatively new, but definitely has the high potential of becoming the sole solution to data storage and hosting in near future. In this case, the server is outsourced and is run on virtualized software. There’re a large number of data centers which are operating on servers in virtualized environment. So, a single server essentially produces many instances of VPS. To a user, these things appear like nothing but dedicated servers. However, in reality, they actually run on a large number of different servers. So, it is like a dedicated server, but the user obviously doesn’t know what hardware her/his server is currently operating on.


Dedicated server

This’s the traditional, reliable and highly recommendable way of hosting just about anything, be it highly interactive webs, apps or anything else. It follows a simple protocol in which, a user buys a server from a provider and pays charges monthly.

A basic server costs in the range of $50 to $100 /month, and the cost goes up depending upon the features offered as a part of the package.


Once you buy one of these, there normally is a waiting time required for setup… And, the server is actually installed by someone, as opposed to cloud server, wherein just an instance is created in the cloud. The user can access it within a matter of few minutes, since the time needed for installing an instance is obviously far lesser than time needed for installing a complete web server.

(be continued…)