Security solutions for dedicated server vietnam

November 11, 2016

Individuals and enterprises should use the security solutions for dedicated servers Vietnam to avoid being attacked by hackers.

Currently, there are many individuals and businesses use the popular content management system like WordPress to build websites, blog … The CMS allows amateur users to expand many website features without programming skills. Besides that, many administrators lack of knowledge of website hacking as well as information security. This makes increase in the number of attacks to security vulnerabilities. Not all of the businesses can find and fix security vulnerabilities and errors of web application source code to protect the website from attacks.


Zero-day vulnerabilities of the web server (unpublished vulnerabilities) is one of the reasons that make websites were attacked. Through this vulnerability, a large number of websites and Vietnam server hosting can be hacked at the same time. Most of the web server services and popular open source code allow users to integrate the extensive features of a third party. However, this also creates many vulnerabilities and data leakage without the strict control of the administrator.

Small businesses not having much experience in web application security can use cloud-based security service. These services are quite diverse and easy to integrate with many different web server models.

Cloud-based Web Application Firewalls (WAF) will help users detect and prevent web applications from attacks to zero-day vulnerabilities. WAF also enhances the security of the web applications, control DNS query safely as well as transfer and monitor traffic of your website through their fire-wall. In fact, the WAF brings more positive results than the traditional security methods.


According to the organization of Gartner Magic Quadrant in 2015, WAF is considered as one of the most popular security tool for the website. WAF can be used to replace with other expensive security methods for cloud server Vietnam. It is the reason why WAF is appropriate for small businesses.

Most of the storage solution and network security providers such as Amazon, Microsoft Azure offer WAF to protect their customers. In additions, there are many small and medium companies offer “cloud-based WAF” solution like Imperva, DenyAll and Positive Technologies.

A series of recent attacks make us have to pay more attention to the role of the security system of the website. It is not true that all of the security tools are capable of completely preventing the risk of attack by hackers. However, hackers will choose the website with the worst security systems to attack instead of other websites on the Internet. Therefore, it is better for users to use protective solutions like WAF for website system.