Reseller hosting Vietnam server – top niches for you to target

October 27, 2017

There’re many asia dedicated server niches you can target, but it is highly recommend that you pick one and only one to focus your energy on.

  1. Affiliate marketers

This field is hot because there are more and more people are trying to start a home business. You are not really taking advantage of these hungry users, but you can create a hosting page that targets this crowd, show them the many one-click installation scripts that you can offer, and have an area where you give them advice on how to be successful at affiliate marketing.

  1. WordPress bloggers

WordPress blogging is a huge phenomenon and almost everyone wants to be a blogger. Anyone who has been blogging for at least a few months knows that the next step to becoming a more recognized and respected blogger is to have their own domain name, which requires a hosting plan attached to it. If you choose this niche, focus on making your company of reseller hosting server in Vietnam as easy for WordPress bloggers to move to your company.


  1. Home businesses

In these times, people are getting creative and starting businesses from their home to create a sustaining income to help them through these tough times. Target forums where people considering starting a home business would go. Have a few with the tips on how to start a home business, and the steps they need to take to make it successful. You do not have to be an expert in home business, you just have to do some work and search online for good information that you can then turn into a unique article written by you.

  1. Local businesses

This is maybe the best of them all. Instead of going from forums to blogs to other pages, you focused on companies within your city limits. Every business these days needs a web, so it is easy for you to convince them to get online and get a hosting server VN account with you. After branding your company and getting everything set up with the web and payment terminal, you can get through the city Yellow Book and go down the list to all the companies who already had a web and those who didn’t.