Introduction of direct admin server vietnam management system

November 21, 2016

DirectAdmin is known as server Vienam management system, common hosting platform built on the Linux operating system.

  1. What is Direct Admin server management?

DirectAdmin (DA) is the server management system built on the platforms of Linux operating system. DA was created for the purpose of managing hosting/ server. Although of simplicity, DA has full of essential functions of a server management system and is convenience with users. This is paid administration system. The cost is public on the DA official website with a lot of flexible payment methods. DA is used with web interface and it provides managing features for end users, providers and resellers.


  1. The advantages of DirectAdmin

DA helps user to optimize administrative operation, saves server resources and improves security. If users use VPS, they need to register copyright before installation DA because it is paid software. DA version for Vietnam VPS server has also full-featured as the version for servers.

In generally, DA is more complicated and safer than cPanel because it is divided into many strict managing levels. DA is created to get the user a safe and economical server management and with full of necessary functions. Users can add a domain to the default configuration of the DA, even if it uses intermediate DNS. Although not having many extension features like cPanel, DA still can fully meet the 99% needs of users currently.

– Management: there are 3 levels of DA management: Administrators, Resellers and Users. It is easy for you to divide server resource and decentralize administrations to each user.

– Speed: DA consumes relatively less server resources than cPanel so the speed of operations is quickly.

– Stability: DA is a paid copyright service so it has high stable operation for a long time and rarely makes the error as the other free Control Panel. This is to increase long performance of the web server.


– Reliability: cPanel and DA have the ability to automatically backup. However, DA mechanism makes data recovery better and reduces errors. DA will automatically restart and restore essential services after incident of Vietnam server hosting to minimize ineffective operating time.

– Cost: DA is made in purpose of saving and convenience. DA license cost is relatively cheaper than cPanel.

  1. The disadvantages of DA

The comparison cPanel with the DA will be difficult since each service has its own goals and users.

Sometimes it is difficult for some users to edit files that are not written by English because DA is not incompatible with the Unicode font.

Unlike cPanel, there are not many developers create extension functions to increase friendliness and usability for the DA.