Introduction of cpanel server vietnam management system

November 7, 2016

cPanel is a server Vietnam management system that provides all necessary features for webmasters.

  1. What is WHM?

WebHostManager (WHM) is a system that allows users to control web hosting in a simple way. With friendly interface, WHM provides the user with utilities to control all system’s functions. WHM also helps users upgrade to the latest version regularly to avoid errors.

  1. What is cPanel?

cPanel is a hosting management system as well as one of the best WHM all over the world today.


  1. The main functions of cPanel

–           Statistic

  • There are 3 statistic programs: AWStats, Analog Stats and Webalizer Web Stats.
  • Check the Vietnam server hosting‘s error schedule to fix timely.
  • Make statistic of subdomain.
  • Monitor schedule of Apache web server.
  • Make statistic of the amount of consumed bandwidth.
  • Check the list of newest users accessing to websites.
  • Give the information including: IP address, access time, access location, the access browser, the operating system.

– Email

  • Auto Answer / Refuse to answer, create / change or delete email lists.
  • Automatically configure or create configuration guides for popular email browser like Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook…
  • Manage POP3 accounts, change passwords and separate hosting resource.
  • Create a Spam Assassin filter and 3 webmail apps.
  • Edit the MX record for each domain.

– Manage database MySQL & PostgreSQL

  • Create or remove the database.
  • Create or remove account to access database.
  • Use the PHPMyAdmin database management.



  • Create or remove FTP account, change password and can access files for each account.
  • Manage anonymous access and FTP session.
  • Change the status of FTP schedule.

–            Backup

  • Create backup of files and databases.
  • Restore the database and file from a backup (such as from user’s PC).

– Additional features

  • Manage sub domain, create links from sub domain to other domain.
  • Manage pages that inform errors on Vietnam dedicated server.
  • Manage the Apache files.
  • Prevent the using files of web hosting account from other websites.
  • Prevent access to the website from other IP addresses.
  • Install SSL and manage PGP key.
  • Link a file to other domain.
  • Provides Java program built to access by SSH.
  • Support to search on the system.
  • Make statistic of used storages.
  • Set the access password for each folder.
  • Schedule to run commands and customize periodic tasks.
  • Manage FrontPage extensions.
  • Change the password of the account.
  • Manage the added domain.
  • Provide file management and online documentation.