How to get the best performance of dedicated Vietnam server

October 27, 2017

servers in asia is should be in an up to date condition and free of some issues that are related with security aspect.

This is the reason why maintenance is a necessary thing to do for the management server. The followings are some simple tips for you to maintain the server.

  1. Choose a strong password

Save your server with a unique password. This’s the second tip for maintaining your dedicated server maintenance. It’s better to make a strong password that has the combination of lower case letter and the upper case. Then, you should also make at least 8 characters for your password and ensure that it’s not a word that can be spell or that cannot be found in a dictionary. Besides, just remember to usually change your password within 2 to 3 months days.

  1. Do backup periodically

If you saved so many important data on your server VN, so backup is a case that you have to do. This’s done to prevent you from some problems especially when there’s a issues occurs. You should know first about how often your content is changed. Then, you can decide to make the right regular backup times. It’s better to save this backup on the other place besides the server. It’s as we never knew if maybe the server had many problems which can delete all of your data.

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  1. Provide the server with Anti-virus

Security aspect is something that you can never refuse, included for your server. So, the next tip for maintaining your dedicated server is by providing it with the right antivirus. You have to use this antivirus for saving the servers from any threats even it is not used for personal email activity or the web browsing. The antivirus program will protect your servers by scanning any programs before they are used on your servers. That is why you should provide your server in Vietnam with the good antivirus program and it’s better for updating this antivirus whenever it’s advised for you to update. For the VPS, often an antivirus program which is needed can be functioned without the Kernel Access.

  1. Update your server

For making your server is not having a slow work, you have to make some updates in a regular time or at any times where it should be followed the latest version that you need. To know that all the updates are suitable and compatible, you can see the review documentation from the software vendors.