How to choose the right vietnam server hosting?

December 12, 2016

Choosing a Vietnam server hosting for your website is always an important undertaking.

Beyond finding which web hosting are out there, it’s a matter of digging through different services, checking customer reviews and comparing inclusions. But beyond that, it is necessary to find out what is not said. This explains why many visitors come to this website for hosting information. The following questions should be asked before choosing any hosting plans.


  • How many ramifications for organizations that consume bandwidth and storage capacity in shared hosting? How does the server provider ease these issues?
  • How are spamming comments monitored and resolve?
  • What is their security policy and how is your private data administer?
  • What are the hosting provider’s needs to cancel a contract? What is their recommended period of notice?
  • In a shared hosting, how many customers are sharing to each Vietnam dedicated server? (This can be useful in deciding whether the hosting oversells storages as well as whether you are likely to use bandwidth or storage issues).
  • What specifically is added in the service that you consider? Surely, you know that it includes (x) RAM and (y) bandwidth but what does it mean? You have to ensure that you understand what you will get from the resource through the quantity of email addresses, the number of domains / subdomains added and beyond.


  • Are they the hosting service reseller or the original hosting provider?
  • What are their security methods and backup schedules?
  • How long has your web hosting operated in business? Have they changed ownership or management in that time?
  • What are their server upgrade protocols? For example, are they are capable of updating and upgrading their servers without causing downtime? If yes, so how? What time in the day/ midnight do they make the updates?
  • What type of scalability is there? For example, if you start to use a shared hosting, can you expand your resource later or even switch to Vietnam VPS server or dedicated server or cloud server plans? Does the provider you consider specialize in one plan?
  • Does the provider offer a free trial period? Most of the providers offer at least a free 30 day trial, but some offer longer period so let keep your close eyes and ears on the plan you are considering and take advantage of the no-commitment time to test every terms of the service.
  • If you consider a dedicated server plan, who will be responsible for administering the server system? Is the plan you consider one in which the providers will manage fully the server or is it one in which you just rent their server and are responsible for restoring your data?