How to calculate the bandwidth of Vietnam server hosting?

December 5, 2016

Bandwidth of the Vietnam server hosting is the actual amount of data that is transferred through the hosting at one time.

The whole scale of hosting works on this parameter. If you have lesser bandwidth, it can hamper the speed of your web. There is a particular amount of data that has to be transferred through the site that has to be wisely calculated; otherwise you may make your website unavailable for visitor.

Generally, bandwidth is misunderstood with data transfer. Both of them are practically different and in terms of terminology. Bandwidth is a vehicle of certain capacity that transmits the data. Data transfer is more discrete function. It signifies the actual data which has to be transferred every time your site loads.


With many visitors browsing your site per day, it’s difficult to identify the precise bandwidth demanded. When you quantify the bandwidth, it’s simple to arrive at a particular amount. It’s necessary to understand what each terminology stands for in the calculation of bandwidth.

Bandwidth may be called as the conducting medium of the data. You’ll have to identify the exact volume of data which should be flowing through your site once it’s loaded on the browser. Hosting providers need the magnitude of data transfer to give you the suitable plan.


Your site’s bandwidth can be calculated by using a simple formula that uses size of your site, number of pages your site has and number of visitors accessing your website each day. It’s a simple multiplication that derives the monthly bandwidth needed for the site.

For example, you have 3 webpages on your site and on an average including graphics, video, images… Your page size can come to around 40KB. You may have about 80 visitors on your site in a day and they might view three pages. So the bandwidth of your site per day should be calculated as below:

3 pages X 80 visitors X 40KB = 9600 KB

The hosting provider has to know the bandwidth you need monthly because they would be having suitable plans for the same.

To estimate the bandwidth in 30 days you have to simply multiply daily bandwidth with 30. As per the above specification you may need 288000 KB bandwidth that can be converted into Gb as 0.288 Gb per month.