Hidden costs of cloud server in Vietnam

December 20, 2017

In this post, we explore the factors affecting the cost of cloud server in Vietnam, and how you can ensure you get the best possible deal.

Technical support

Many cloud vendors charge a lot for support, so it is possible to be drawn in by an attractive service fee only to get stung a little later down the line when you need to pick up the phone. Some small company may even feel the need to bring in a 3rd-party support company to help them operate their cloud, which will also have implications from a ROI and TCO point of view. With that in mind, ensure to weigh up the cost of support against how much you expect to use it before opting for a cloud server VN vendor for your business.

Server in vietnam

Internal IT resource

Another commonly cited benefit of cloud is that it allows you to refocus your internal IT team on things that actually create value, rather than spending their time setting up, configuring and maintaining servers. However, a small but growing handful of cloud users have bought the dream only to find they still need in-house professionals to monitor their cloud effectively. Therefore, if you are cost-conscious, it makes sense to choose a cloud hosting service that is easy to use and manage, and will not force you to invest in additional skills and manpower. And on that note, if you feel that you will need some help and guidance in getting the most out of your cloud hosting platform, take the time to find out about the level and quality of support that your vendor offers.

Pay as you use

Lots of fuss is made about the scalability of cloud Vietnam server, but do your research – it may be cheaper not to use a true pay as you use solution, where consumption is calculated hourly, but choose a reservation-based pricing model with fixed monthly fees instead. Whilst it may be nice to think you never need pay for more resources than you use, many companies have sufficiently predictable consumption patterns for it not really to be an problem and can save money on a less flexible plan.


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