Hawkhost – one of the cheapest Dedicated Server Vietnam

August 24, 2016

Hawkhost is known as a one of the cheapest dedicated server Vietnam that is so common in webmaster community.

Hawkhost has many advantages

  • Litespeed web server is faster 9 times than Apache2
  • CloudLinux OS
  • SSD
  • Many data center
  • Use CloudFlare Railgun
  • Good support, answer ticket quickly
  • Reasonable price

dedicated server Vietnam

Litespeed web server

Have you ever heard about Litespeed web server? This is a good business server with expensive price. According to technology experts, the Litespeed web server has good quality as 9 times as the free web server Apache2, and 2 times as the Nginx web server.

The Hawkhost or any hosting provider using Litespeed web server platforms are also good for customers because when the copyright is very expensive their profits will decrease. You should choose the Vietnam server hosting companies that use Litespeed web server platform.

Especially Hawkhost Litespeed was upgraded to support HTTP 5.0 / 2 with the following advantages:

  • Better header compression using HPACK
  • Faster page loads tốc
  • Stronger data encryption requirements
  • Multiplexing with priority requests
  • Reduced network latency
  • Common browsers already support the HTTP / 2 – While Apache2 web server only supports via mod_h2 module and Nginx web server is not supported HTTP / 2.


If none of CloudLinux account on a system uses exceeding resource, the other account may also be affected. CloudLinux solves this problem when the limit for each account a certain amount of resources, making accounts independent so that it will get more efficient and stable. And Hawkhost naturally uses CloudLinux for their system.

dedicated server Vietnam

Solid State Drive

Needless to say, everyone knows how hard drive is good! Although Hawkhost SSD is used for cache drive only, not for the entire system, it is enough for Litespeed web server.

CloudFlare Railgun

Most of the Cpanel Vietnam server hosting supports free CloudFlare while Railgun is specific to the hosting providers. Railgun is paid to use so that it has better quality. Hawkhost at Singapore server are currently using Railgun, probably it is the same as other servers in the data center. This is a further plus advantage for Hawkhost.

Some information about Hawkhost shared hosting account

  • Unlimited E-mail accounts, each account are allowed to send 500 e-mails/1 hour, equivalent to 12,000 emails/ day.
  • 1 CPU Core
  • 1 dedicated RAM Memory
  • 25 MySQL Connections
  • Support PHP version from 5.2.x to 7.0.x
  • SSH (Stablehost hosting must be paid to be enable SSH)
  • Maximum of 500k files / a hosting account (Stablehost has only 300k files / account)