Do you protect your Vietnam server with a firewall?

October 4, 2017

You’ve probably heard about firewalls before. But do you actually know what it does and why you need one for your asia dedicated server?

Websites are under constant bombardment from different types of attack and leaving a server connected online without a basic firewall is incredibly risky. You would not leave your front door open while you sleep at night, right?

  1. What are benefits of firewall?
  • Easy to install: a hosting provider such as ourselves can do this with minimal fuss and provide a firewall solution tailored to your demands
  • Minumize the chance of attacks on your server
  • Give selective access to specific users and block any unwanted ones, both identified by their IP addresses

A basic firewall should be able to deter a low-level intruder – think of them as opportunistic burglars. Services like FTP, MSSQL, IIS, MySQL, Email and Apache web server can also be properly filtered to only allow connections of server in Vietnam to these services from reliable IP addresses, as well as block any unauthorized access. A more advanced server installation and firewall configuration will be purpose-built and be able to offer better protection from attacks and even more safe connectivity.

  1. How to deploy a firewall?

The first way is using a set of IP tables – these allow you to accept or deny access to specific services as wel as IP addresses.  If you feel comfortable using the command line then this will be the best solution for you.

The second way is better suited for those that are not the big fans of the command line which allows you to configure a firewall using a simple text editor.

Server in Vietnam

  1. Linux and Windows server

When using a Windows or Linux-based server VN, like the ones we provision, there’s a available firewall that allows you to install basic settings to block the unknown users from connecting through something that aer called Remote Desktop Protocol – this is essentially gaining root access on your system.

  1. Conclusion

Implementing a firewall is one of the most and the fastest effective methods to protect your server from attacks – they can highlight weaknesses in your websites that you cannot have even been aware of.

Whether you need a basic firewall or a more advanced install is totally down to you but feel free to contact VinaHost if you need an advice as to which route to go down.