Cloud and hosting VN server secure protection

October 27, 2017

No matter how you use cloud and hosting cheap dedicated server asia, your security needs to be managed strictly.

Enable encryption

There are 2 ways that encryption can be implemented with data stored in the cloud. The service vendor may offer local encryption for your data. In this case, data is encrypted as it’s hosted in the cloud. Some vendors offer encryption of the data as it’s transferred to the cloud. With it, the encryption may increase the amount of time necessary to send and get data back. Some use the hybrid hardware and software cloud approach which uses locally installed appliances to manage data transfer and encryption.

Control access to your services by mobile devices

Safety of your server VN can be easily compromised by lax bring your own device policies. If you are allowing your staffers to utilize mobiles to access cloud resources, you need to be able to control those devices to assure that they’re locked down as well as can be remotely wiped if necessary. As cloud management apps can be found in mobile versions, it’s so important to ensure any device authorized to operate such apps is completely managed and controlled by professionals.

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Always test

Just because a server or database is in the cloud do not make it magically secure. With the assistance of your service vendor you should be able to perform active assessment of the security of the cloud service in much the same way that you do on your local resources. Security scanning, vulnerability assessment tools and penetration testing can give you a higher level of confidence in your cloud security or provide notification of issues that need to be addressed.

Be responsible for your server

Whether using cloud services, dedicated server in Vietnam or VPS, or your own on-premises servers and networks, information security remains your responsibility. Whilst your hosting company and other service vendors will be wonderful partners, it is up to you to develop a security plan and ensure that it is implemented correctly. The buck stops with you. Or to put it another way, it is your job to ensure that when someone sees a security story in the news, it is not about your company.