Causes of increase in vietnam vps server attacks to small companies

October 28, 2016

The attack to Vietnam VPS server to small companies does not bring more benefits to hacker than large companies.

However, we should know that attack of hackers to small companies is to get the data and information in order to carry out larger attacks. These attacks can cause leakage of important information such as the personal information of members in the government, banking account and so on.

Small businesses often do not pay attention to security issue like large companies. Monitoring and evaluating system of small companies are also limited than large companies. This the reason why small company are easy attacked by hacker.

  1. Easy to attack

“The attack method is cheap and easy to buy” – said JD Sherry – vice president of technology solution company Trend Micro said.

In addition, the amateur hackers can also conduct attacks to cloud server Vietnam by using simple methods of hacking. We often believe that only professional hackers can cause network attacks. But today, things have changed. With just a simple tip, the amateur hackers can send malicious software that can get thousands of IP addresses of servers automatically.

The hacker also installs spyware (software collects information from the server) or Trojan horse to the website through security vulnerabilities of Java and Flash. One common way is to send thousands of phishing mail to make user confuse. When users open these fake emails, the malicious code can be installed in the computer immediately.

Besides that, the internal network and the cloud computing services are target objectives of hackers.


  1. Many tools to attacks

Currently, the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) such as cell phones and tablets are used more popularly. Most of these devices are installed apps on the app store. When installing these applications, most of the users will be asked to provide personal information. This is an opportunity for hackers to exploit personal information, passwords and business data of users. The username and password are basic information to log into the personal accounts. Once hackers have the right to access to the enterprise’s CRM system, they can cause serious consequences.

According to research by the Ponemon Institute, the data security and recovery for dedicated server Vietnam after the security attacks may cost about $ 194 USD. This is not including the loss of reputation and brand…


The invisible influence is the main reason that makes the small and medium enterprises went bankrupt. If the hacker does not take money from the banking account, you will have to spend a lot of money to resolve invisible consequences that they left.

Business owners need to be aware of the importance of the data security. In case you use anonymous tools, hackers can still use automated hacking tools to exploit the vulnerabilities of the business to attack.