Bandwidth explanation of dedicated server in Vietnam

November 28, 2016

Bandwidth of dedicated server in Vietnam takes on many different definitions depending upon the technology discussed.

The hosting uses the term of bandwidth in the followings:

Bandwidth is the total amount of data measured in MegaBytes / GigaBytes, which may be uploaded or downloaded from a particular website or web hosting account during a given month. A hosting account is restricted and metered to stay under its monthly bandwidth allocation. This is also usually referred to as a term Data Transfer.


 For example a website with all its databases, html files, video and images is about 2.50 MegaBytes. That is not much storage because we do not upload a lot of large images and most of that is text typed by my stubby little fingers. My hosting account allows about 40 GB in storage space so I have about 39,997 MB to use until I fill up my storage space so I better get quickly.

Here is where hosting bandwidth comes in. Our account allows me 300GB of bandwidth per month. It is measured on a monthly basis, like an odometer, and reset to zero at the end of the month. Let’s imagine that we have to upload the total contents of website of 2.50 Megabytes. The hosting company is metering our account and figuring out how many megabytes we uploaded to them that is 2.50 MB. As we uploaded the total contents of our website, we used up 2.50 MB of my 300 GB bandwidth monthly that we get and have 29.997 GB remaining. Although that you like our website so much that you visit all of pages single page on website. You have downloaded 2.50 MB and used up another 2.50 MB of bandwidth and now our “odometer” has 299.995 GB left. This continues as you get the word out and many visitors come until the hosting company “cuts me off” and will not allow files to be uploaded and downloaded any more or charges me an overage cost. It is kind of like minutes on a mobile phone except the hosting provider is limiting the amount of aggregate data which can pass back and forth between our website.


Actually, the total data of website is not uploaded or downloaded repeatedly but certain pages are viewed many times. There some reasons for this:

  • You are hosting large files, video, or photos
  • You are going to have lots of visitors
  • Both above are true

Remember that some hosting unmetered bandwidth does not apply to website that mainly store media files or are for file-sharing but if you have an information website and expect more visitors, then you can host as many customers as you want because you the bandwidth is unlimited. If you want lots of bandwidth with no restrictions regarding file-sharing, media files, then high bandwidth plans are right for you. As always, demands should dictate your choices.