What Windows server VN bring your business

September 15, 2017

You are operating small business with 25 employees and below, you’re going to love VinaHost Windows vn server.

What are Windows server benefits?

Windows server solution is offered for home-based and other small businesses. Designed for ease-of-use for small businesses with no IT support, it demonstrates the company’s dedication to serving that market. That ease-of-use service is the key in 2 distinct areas:

  • Easy setup: the process for getting Windows server up and running is the smoothest experience we has ever developed. Users are walked through an installation checklist and everything’s explained along the way:
  • Easy management: the dashboard for Window server is straightforward and easy for non-technical skill:
  • Category pane: this pane displays feature areas that offer quick access to information and configuration tools. They help you install and customize the DNS Server VN.
  • Action pane: This pane offers a brief description of a feature or task, and offers links that open configuration wizards and information pages.
  • Navigation bar: allow you to access the information and tasks that are associated with that section. Each time you open the Dashboard, the Home page always displays by default.
  • Tasks pane: this pane displays links to tasks and information that apply to a selected category.

    Server Vietnam

What are Windows server weaknesses?

Windows server is missing some of the functions including:

  • Windows server update services: you can install these separately. However, Windows server has a work-around for this that’s designed to support its target market.
  • Virtualization: Windows Server cannot be used as a Hyper-V host, and the server license does not include virtualization rights. Windows Vietnam server can be run on a virtual machine.
  • Active Directory Federation Services: Server does not use Active Directory Federation Services for single sign-on.
  • Server core: Windows Server does not support server core however, the targeted businesses for this solution should not need that feature.

Note: VinaHost Windows will be supported only with professional SSD VPS.