How to detect vietnam server hosting errors

November 4, 2016

Currently, there are many Vietnam server hosting providers but it is still difficult for customer to choose the quality service.

You should notice to the following signals to detect hosting errors to fix timely.

  1. Increase in cost

Everyone always expected to use good service at the low prices. However, the cheap provider is not always the best choice. If you are running the important website, you have to accept spending more money to maintain its effective operation. Good things are rarely the bargains, except at the promotions.

Some companies discount their services from time to time, but others are not. They focused on maintaining loyal customer instead of looking for new customers.

There is a paradox that sometimes small Vietnam dedicated server companies provide the low quality services at high prices. In this case, their customers are who do not have much experience. Therefore, it is necessary for customers to consider the prices, quality of service and customer support before buying hosting.


  1. Bad technical support service

It is true that the technical support services make customers’ satisfaction. But in fact there are not many hosting companies pay attention to this issue. The lack of responsibility in technical support will make customers give up the providers.

Some companies reduce the time for customer support by creating using documentation to help customers solve the problem themselves. This is effective if the number of customers that need to be supported have decreased significantly. Decrease in the number of usual questions will help the technical staff have more time to support special cases.

  1. Bad security

Any websites are also at risk of attack if the user does not pay attention to security. Users need to restrict security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers. If you use the provider’s software and applications, make sure that they updated regularly. If the DNS or servers are attacked, your websites users can be seriously influenced.

You can apply the following to improve the security:

– Update the latest versions of applications and software.

– Check the default configuration of PHP and other software to select additional security features.

– Observer the provider’s resolve when errors occur.


  1. Using outdated services

Using the outdated applications and software is the fastest way to be hacked. There are many dedicated server Vietnam providers with professional staff refuse to update the new technology for their services. This does not only affect customers but also reduces the competitiveness of businesses. Updating and integrating new version and keep the old version is necessary.

If you are not satisfied with your current provider, let contact them and wait for their response. If they do not meet your reasonable requirements, you might consider choosing other quality suppliers.